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Stop, Drop and Roll doesn't work in Hell

I can't help it Im always right

s mo
6 May 1980

"It's hard to argue against cynics, they always sound smarter than optimists because they have so much evidence on their side"


ME, I'm a bitter, cynical, obsessive compulsive, man-hating, wise beyond my years arab american girl who leads a very boring, tedious life. kill me now......

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JAMILA, my middle sister, she's currently making the world a better place teaching in Watts, a ghetto in Los Angeles, while getting her masters for law school

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my youngest sister, recently married, in school for sonography, or doing hard stuff like cardiac ultrasounds....

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DAD lovingly known as double A, a brilliant doctor

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MA the always sensible mother, the white devil nurse


COCO, my evil chihuahua

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RUBY, my Dogue de Bordeaux, don't let the face fool you she was trained by navy seals to be lethal, yet aloof....

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I live in oklahoma.

read my stupid journal if you really want to know more, or ask these people....

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cynical5679 is capable of making you laugh until you bleed a little ... AND capable of punching you in the tit like it's nobody's business ... at the same time! Take THAT, Caucasian male America!...deadhookerboxer

I'm pretty sure that cynical5679 could kick the ass of just about anyone I know, a tough broad and a bombshell rolled into one...greystoic

you're as dark and bitter as unsweetened chocolate....caprinus

If there was a fight between you and godzilla, i think you would win. sophiasophia

cynical5679 The acerbic arab. You'll laugh! (because she's funny) You'll cry! (because she's punched you in your ovaries) You'll never want to leave! (because she's out drank you once again and you're passed out helplessly around her toilet whilst her beastly dog sniffs your ass) We love you cynical...shirogirl

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My journal is about 95% friends only due to the fact that I offend alot of people. you can add me but then I will investigate you, get a background check, blood and urine sample and then add you back.

courtesy of vengeance_is_me

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